Announcing the new Version 9 Blackbox CMS

In the next couple of weeks we will be releasing the latest version of our award winning CMS software. Version 9 of the blackbox CMS has been developed to make it easier and quicker to update websites, and includes many powerful tools to make the most of your online presence. Key features of the upgrade are as follows:

  • New Interface
    The Blackbox CMS has a new responsive design, making it possibly to monitor and update your website using any mobile device or desktop. 

  • Integrated Google Analytics
    You can now monitor your website traffic without having to log in to google analytics separately

  • New Messaging Centre
    The CMS includes powerful messaging and notifications tools via the Messaging Centre. Also includes a mailbox manager to organise your email mailling lists

  • Customisible Branding
    The interface is customisible so you can set the logo and colours to match your corporate branding. The url is also configurable so you can access the cms via for example

  • New Asset Manager
    The asset manager has been rebuilt to make it easier to upload and manage documents, images, videos and files to the website.

  • User activity logging
    Track CMS user activity, allowing you to see what each member of your editorial team has been working on.

Initially, a few selected clients will have early access to the new CMS, and once the kinks have been ironed out, it will be rolled out to all clients that have responsive websites. Clients of older websites that are not responsive may still be able to use the new CMS, but will not enjoy the full benefit of the new content editor which includes responsive support as standard.