LinkedIn buys Bizo

LinkedIn, the business oriented social media network has agreed a deal to buy start up Bizo to increase it's B2B marketing portfolio. 

If you've never heard of Bizo (and not many people have) its main product is a 'Marketing automation solution' - basically a bit of software that allows B"B marketing people to target advertising at specific groups. The platform has 3 components:

1. Audience data

Bizo claims it has an audience of 120 million business professionals around the world (compared with an estimated 300 million users that LinkedIn has). Bizo also claims to have 90% of the US. business population.

2. Advertising Solutions

The Bizo plaform has a range of advertising display networks including targeted display advertising, video, facebook ads, and linkedin ads. 

3. Data Solutions

This include web analytics, CRM integration and 3rd party platforms to syncronise media targeting and behavioural advertising


Where this fits in with LinkedIn is unclear at this time, whether Bizo will remain as a semi-autonomous product or whether it will be rebranded under the LinkedIn umbrella.